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Mon Jan 22 2019


  • Prayer condition node: This new node located in the Misc category will allow you to check the current state of a selection of prayers. To use this check the prayer book (Standard OSRS/RS3 or Curses RS3) and select all of the prayers you want to evaluate. Toggle the checkbox to either check for an activated or inactive state.

    • NOTE: You can select multiple values and don't need to chain multiple nodes unless you want more complex or selective evaluation

  • Prayer action node: This new node located in the Misc category will allow you to change the presence of a selection of prayers. Same selection mechanism as the condition node. For RS3 variants you also have the ability to cast from action bar. All action bars are supported.


  • Development tools: All popup development tools will now save their position and size between sessions.

  • We had a little downtime due to a new attempt to get InterfaceKit working. The Botstore however remains a fierce full enemy to this day and this change was subsequently reverted. InterfaceKit remains inactive.


Sun Jan 21 2019

VisualRM [DEV] updated to v1.0.4.


  • Traversal node. To coordinate (no tele) has been removed. For the general 'To coordinate' action, you can now specify several path types. See node documentation on the website for information (Viewport is buggy, atleast on rs3, a bug report has been sent)


  • Removed the Interface Explorer again due to it being incompatible with the botstore. This tool was a very useful addition to the developer toolset so you wouldn't need to open another bot to get your Interface Components. I will have to completely rewrite the UI interface so it is more lightweight. Currently not planned.


Sun Jan 13 2019

This is the new full release of VRM according to the new pricing model.
This version includes unlimited development time, but is currently restricted to 7h of runtime (unpaused) a week. If you like the bot or would like to support me you can use VisualRM [BOT] for unlimited use at $0.05/h.


  • Fully functional dev kit with entity exploring, overlay support, listener trackers and more. PS: Dedicated Interface Explorer coming soon.

  • Added a timer on top to keep track of your remaining dev time. Hopefully this will give a clear idea on what you can do.

  • GameObjectQuery: Added the ability to detect spotAnimation on Gameobjects (often particles)

  • Keyboard node: Added the ability to use special values for certain keys (e.g. LEFT,RIGHT,UP,DOWN for arrow keys. Please look at the documentation on visualrm.com). For more special keys, please request me in a pm or on slack.


Tue May 22 2018


  • Added delay to crafting action

  • Bot repo: added bots from community members Segfault and 1337Pike and me (Fire runecrafter, Air orb runner, Al kharid warrior killer, Willow power chopper, Artisan workshop bot,…)

  • Added a TimerCondition node: You are now able to adjust your logic to do something after (every) X seconds of runtime. (using checkpoints is recommended)

  • Added a WorldHop node: hop worlds with support for whitelisting and blacklisting worlds

  • Added GE Value >, GE Value <, Quantity > and quantity < to the ground item and inventory item query builders. NOTE Quantity in Inventory stands for quantity of items in the inventory as well as stack size and quantity in GroundItem only looks at stack size/noted amount


  • Bot Repo: updated crystalize acadias bot

  • Bot Repo: updated Portables bot to support chat dialog, selecting the item 2 different materials and min amount of materials needed. (fully functional now)


  • Fixed partial name matching for crafting condition -> select item

  • Fixed forced preset in Bank withdraw node

  • Fixed an issue where a keyboard action got loaded as a StartCondition

  • Fixed crash in the bank withdraw node when trying to configure a VisualRM preset.

  • Fixed GoToCheckpoint requiring strings instead of checkpoint variables


Sun May 20 2018


  • Bot repository [BETA]: online up-to-date repo of available bots for visualRM. If you want to add your bot send me a pm with information and requirements


  • Added notification when tyring to add a variable of type number with no integer value


  • Fixed very rare error in bank preset representation

  • Multiple other fixes


Fri May 18 2018


  • Added Keyboard action node with actions: press, hold, Type & Enter

  • IMPORTANT: Added a new variable type CHECKPOINT. Instead of using a strings in checkpoints, you will now use checkpoint. Loading of older saved bots should be supported for now. (When loading a new variable will be added). Adjustments

  • Adjusted shift dropping in OSRS: it will now failcheck if an item is selected and the mouse path generator has been changed to a faster method.


  • Fixed Error when loading bots using queries with numbers in it

  • Fixed special interaction node empty field for: Use magic and use magic on for RS3.

  • Fixed crash on selecting Use magic on in the special interaction node in rs3


Thu May 17 2018


  • Totally revamped the canvas: it is now an infinite canvas for unlimited sized bots. Tho unlimited, it requires less resources then the previous version hopefully solving the issue of the infinite RM spinner on startup for some people.

  • Added a button that shows some canvas options (able to reposition the canvas to fit the content – essentially an overview), and option to show or hide scrollbars. More grid options soon

  • The new UI backend has less memory leaks. You can restart the bot multiple times without RuneMate crashing


  • Drastically increased loading times of bots


  • Fixed traversal to coordinate (exact)

  • Fixed loss of value for certain comboboxes.

  • Possibly fixed occasional invisible Popups.


Fri May 11 2018


  • Fixed NPE on loading traversal nodes which where saved with empty values

  • Fixed GameObject condition icon

  • Fixed certain comboboxes loosing their value when adding or adjusting a variable

  • Fixed calculation node to actually work with anything else then coordinate

  • Fixed bank condition title

  • Fixed MakeXTask


Wed May 09 2018


  • Close option in bank deposit node

  • Implemented ability to assign a checkpoint as the new starting node. You can do this by checking a checkbox in the “go to checkpoint” node

  • Special interaction: added Use magic on, or Use magic. The bot supports all spellbooks and all spells for RS3 and OSRS.

  • Refactored the interface condition node and implemented the more advanced interface query. (supported filters: text, action, container (but optional automatic container caching), sprites, types, tooltips and content name (e.g. sprite item name). The last 2 always use regex. There are additional filters if you want to specify visible, invisible or grandchild.

    • NOTE: this will break several know bots


  • OSRS: Improved drop speed when shift dropping.( Using an interaction node with drop action)

  • Completely refactored the special interaction node for more readability (labels now adjust depending on the condition

  • RS3: Added a fail-safe for trying to pick up ground items with the “Take” action.


  • OSRS: Trackers now should track coins for OSRS

  • Special interaction: made Cast action bar work

  • Fixed label in traversal node for accessory teleport: it said radius before, now it says location (always uses regex)


Sun May 06 2018


  • Added close option to Shop action nodes

  • Added within filter to Npc, GameObject and GroundItem query

  • Added Inventory Query

  • OSRS: automatically recognises when to use Shift drop and currently drops all matching items within one node action

  • OSRS: support for the MakeAll interface in the crafting nodes. The crafting condition node now supports the various selection options for this interface and a condition to check if player is currently crafting

  • Added skill and profit trackers


  • Renamed shop action value from Interactable -> item

  • Adjusted the Inventorycondition code to accommodate the new query builder. Please report issues

  • Added Regex/ partial name matching to equipment node

  • Removed animation query filter from game objects

  • Attempted to fix the camera rotations when object is not visible enough on osrs.


  • NPE when loading playercondition without value

  • NPE for ChatDialog action and condition

  • IOOB for bankwithdraw

  • Fixed inventory.isFull() which used to invert its result when no Boolean value is assigned

  • Fixed issue with NPE when loadign bots with many nodes.

  • Fixed query values not updating


Mon Apr 30 2018


  • Added bug report button/feature request to the UI.

  • Added new interaction window to the BankWithraw node. You can now create a withdraw preset within VisualRm by hovering the value combobox. This will open a PopUp with a minus button(remove), a plus button(add/save) and between a box in which you can type the preset name. To make a preset load your current in-game inventory and select the items (and associated quantities). Save the preset by typing a name and/or pressing the plus-button to save the preset to the selected presetname.

  • Added a separate is animating condition to the player condition node. This includes a 2-3s or so delay to bridge the idle time in an animation. Be careful to use this in your flow as it will delay the node for 2seconds to see if you started animating again. The is skilling condition uses about the same method but currently has more advanced recognition for woodcutting in RS3. Over time I will add more specific recognition to not need the delay.

  • Added the go-to checkpoint node. This was previously missing causing the checkpoint feature to not be functional

  • Added value box to the chat dialog condition node to differentiate between current conversation. This could be useful for quest bots or bots requiring multiple conversation lines

  • Added Skill Condition node to evaluate skill levels

  • Added shop condition node: check if open, check if contains and check stock

    • Currently broken on oldschool due to client issues

  • Added shop action node: buy sell items

    • Currently broken on oldschool due to client issues

  • Added bank condition to check if bank is open and if bank contains items

  • Added Boolean check to the modulators group. (checks if the selection of Booleans are true/false)


  • Rename Object interaction to ‘Interaction’

  • Rename Loot -> Ground Object

  • Rename Game entity -> Game Object

  • Enabled collision caching

  • Added spacer to bottom toolbar

  • Adjusted the player condition node to compare the condition to the (non obligated) provided Boolean value. This allows to invert the result for logic purposes in the flow

  • BankWithraw handler will now support all presets 1-10 in RS3.

  • Changed the way nodetypes are handled internally, this could cause unwanted anomalies

  • Moved pause and stop nodes to the start category


  • Fixed coordinate node labels

  • Fixed random pause duration to allow pause durations of more than 300ms

  • Fixed offset of node titles


Thu Apr 26 2018



Thu Apr 26 2018

Initial release version

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